“You’re The Voice”- Concert for Peace

“You’re The Voice”- Concert for Peace

[learn_more caption=”You’re The Voice”] Event: You’re The Voice- Concert for Peace Performers: FLAME, Manjaree Hangawatte, REBELS, Kasun Kalhara, Bridget Halpe & Hasinee Andree, Rana Viru Dance Troupe, Leonard Vittachi, Annesley Malawana, and students of La Petite Fleur Schools. Date: 19th September 2013 (Thursday, poya) Venue: Navarangahala Time: 5:30 pm onwards [/learn_more]

“You’re The Voice” is a concert for peace, the contribution to World Peace Day 2013 of Bridge2Peace and the Peace gang of Sri Lanka.

Founded by Mrs. Bernadine Anderson, founder and Directress of La Petite Fleur Schools, Bridge2Peace, a Non-Governmental Organisation, was voted the most sustainable post-war project after a survey by YATV. We have also been honoured with two Peace Grants, awarded by the United Nations Organisation.

The Bridge2Peace Montessori House of Children in Lunugamwehera was established to provide free Montessori education for students in a region marked by its extreme poverty. Requirements like a daily meal, clothing and stationery are also provided to the 80-plus children in the 3 Montessori classes. The B2P Montessori is proving to be a catalyst for peace and development in the whole village, providing parent education, employment, vocational training, medical camps, language classes and more – all free of charge – to the families of Lunugamwehera.

The Peace Gang, which is an active arm of Bridge2peace, is dedicated to making peace permanent in Sri Lanka and the World. The Peace Gang is an active group of over 200 children aged 7 upwards. It is possibly the only peace movement in the island working mostly at grass-root level in Sri Lanka among children from Jaffna, Lunugamwehera, Galle and Colombo. The “No Guns for Christmas” campaign is one of our current projects, which discourages the giving of toy guns at Christmas as gifts for children. We are such a committed group that we have sent this message to over 300,000 people around the world.

Our other projects are environmental protection programmes, fund raising for IDP’s, Art and English Programmes for the students of the North and South, visiting army personnel in hospital, a Peace March and more.

“You’re the Voice” is our effort to make our voices heard among like-minded campaigners for peace. We warmly invite you to attend our concert. You will be entertained by leading singers and bands that are all performing without a fee, and our students too will be performing,  make it a memorable one. Your presence will make this initiative for peace a success and don’t forget, you are part of it too!

Asma Khadija – age 13 – member of the Peace Gang