Being Ourselves

Name: Sabeehah. T. Ramieze                                                                                               

Class :Grade 07                                                      

(Martin Luther King class)

Being Ourselves

We meditated at the beginning of our English lesson. We had to stay still, to check whether we can control ourselves. Our heart must be strong to control us and direct in the right path. If we can’t control ourselves, that means the body controls us. If our body cannot get controlled, we must learn how to control day by day.

We learnt to be inclusive and not exclusive. For example; we are so rude and selfish towards our mother nature; and if our mother nature was exclusive, where are we to live? So Mother Nature bears all the pain and trouble, and is still inclusive. So we all must learn not to be selfish, exclusive or rude. We always need to be inclusive.

We all have our capabilities, and we need to try them out to full potential. No matter what anyone says, you have to follow your mind. You always have to try to do everything to your fullest capability. Everyone has some talent, and it’s very important to use it for the right thing.

‘A garbage bin’ is so important in everyone’s life. Imagine if we do not have a garbage bin, we would always find places to throw garbage and litter the environment. The world gets polluted, and it would start to stink. Can we lead a happy and healthy life? This is the reason why we have to have dustbins, or we have to live with or in the dirt. Likewise, our minds too should have a bin to collect the unwanted ideas – so that we know, we should avoid them. The moment we are out of the bin, there is no question of us getting into any trouble. Yes, we need to use our prudence to keep away from the garbage.  When that happens, it is the good ideas we would delve into.

Making good decisions is the hardest thing to do, especially when we do not know how to make decisions. Unfortunately most people make quick decisions and fall into great difficulty. So before making decisions, we have to get help from experienced people, like our parents.

Healthy relationships are very important in everyone’s life. But unfortunately many fall into deep trouble by getting involved in wrong relationships. Nowadays small children get involved in unsuitable relationships and fall into serious dilemma. So, we must learn not to get involved in relationships until the time comes for you to make the right friendship. Always cultivate to have healthy relationships with people around.

In conclusion, we have to learn to be inclusive and to make the right choices in life. We must also learn to be friendly and not selfish. We have to do good deeds and most importantly, be ourselves.