On the 9th of May 2018, a team of Chinese nationals representing the Confucius’ Institute visited our school.

Confucius, also known as Kong Qui or K’ung Fu-tzu,was a Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure. His teachings, preserved in the Analects, this contain all his teachings and philosophies, focused on creating ethical models of public interaction and setting educational standards. After his death, Confucianism became the official imperial philosophy of China, which was extremely influential during the Han,Tang and Song dynasties.

Everybody in the more senior communities at school were naturally excited to be presented with such an amazing opportunity to meet this team. The Abdul Kalam and Eleanor Roosevelt communities gladly attended the presentation on Confucianism.

At the presentation, we learned many Confucius principles that reflected our own at LPF, two of them being,respect self and respect others. It was an enriching experience as we explored another culture as well,it was fascinating to see them bow as a greeting of welcome.

It was great to hear that we were the first school they had visited in Sri Lanka which made it an even more memorable and exciting experience for us.

Seraiah, Sithunima & Anish
Abdul Kalam Community