Straw Wars

Over half a billion straws are used and trashed every day by USA alone and most of these end up in the ocean. Marine animals and seabirds end up consuming a large part of these together with other plastics which find their way into our oceans. It is estimated that the number of straws daily used by USA alone can circle the earth twice over if placed end to end !!

Apart from contributing to the detrimental effects of polluting the oceans and beaches ( 2017 estimates put straws as the 11th most common pollutant found in ocean trash), they are also among the main contributors towards the death of over 1 million seabirds and over 100’000 ocean animals caused by plastic pollutants on an annual basis.


The Straw Wars campaign is a project that has been initiated by the senior students of LPF Academy Dehiwala with the aim of spreading awareness to schools, communities and other organizations on the adverse environmental effects of straws. In spreading awareness, the campaign hopes to ban the use of plastic straws in Sri Lanka, and gradually, the world with endorsements from La Petite Fleur and His Excellency, the Canadian ambassador to Sri Lanka.We also aim to join hands with as many of the other like minded projects being carried out by citizens around the world.

Plastic straws are just a convenience for us humans that can be used only once, what we don’t know or realise is that it takes just one straw to jeopardize the life of a marine animal or sea bird Remember that straws take over 200 years to decompose so you can aid our campaign by using edible re-usable ( i.e – glass,bamboo,stainless steel )and paper straws or simply by saying ‘NO’ to the use of plastic straws.

By Buthmee Fernando, Hayaa Hishan & Omar Sabera