Ananta Sustainables was founded by its current CEO, Ms Savera Weerasinghe, stemmig from her passion for the environment.

Ananta have identified the fact that there are currently a number of companies that have the intention of going sustainable and decided to meet this demand given their favourable position and commitment towards sustainablity of the environment. The company sources and manufactures customised paper packaging, paper straws and cups, bagasse takeway containers, kolpath plates and cups as well as wooden cutlery with a goal to replace all single use plastics.

Ananta also handles the logistics of sustainability where in they help make customer’s supply chains more sustainable in the most cost effective manner possible.

Ms Savera Weerasinghe visited our school on the 5th of June, to talk to us on Environmental Day. She talked to us about the dangers of single-use plastic and gave us suggestions on how to change over to more sustainable options. She kept the audience captivated and definitely succeeded in making an impact on the students. We were first introduced to her during one of the festivals organized by the British Council called “Women of the World”, she wowed Kisavi and Ms Sam during one of the speed mentoring sessions and they knew the whole school had to meet her! Ms Savera has an exceptional personality and is filled with passion for the environment; it was a pleasure to talk to her. She was fascinated by our school when she was taken on tour and didn’t fail to endorse the Straw Wars project.

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Buthmee Fernando