The Sri Lankan & Bangladeshi Ministries of Education Visit LPF Academy

The Sri Lankan Western Province Director for Primary Education from the Sri Lanka Ministry Of Education, accompanied by 3 other officials, graced us with their presence on the 21stofJune,2018. This special visit was in view of them accommodating the Bangladeshi Ministry of Education’s request to give an overview to their team on special needs and inclusive educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

We were truly honoured to be one of the very few schools that were showcased in this regard and the team of 13 delegates from Bangladesh along with the Sri Lankan officials were certainly impressed by everything that was LPF and would have stayed on much longer had their schedule not been as busy.

The coordinator for the Bangladeshi team of delegates, Mr. Abu Khurram, when asked about his views of LPF said it was ‘Fantastic’ & ‘Outstanding’. He also went on to say how happy he was with having been given the opportunity to interact with the parents of some special needs children,these children and their parents spoke their praises of LPF.

A big thank you goes out to the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education and the Bangladeshi Ministry of Primary and Mass Education..we look forward to your next visit !