By Sabeeha Thanzil Ramieze

It brought to all Sri Lankans a jubilant moment when, once again the Sri Lankan flag received its fulfillment to twirl in the numbing air of the Himalayas. The flag had reached the apex of one of the most back-breaking mountains, purely due to the sheer grit constructed within Mr. Johann Peiris.


When we had Mr. Johann walk down the corridors of our school for the 2nd time, he brought the word “bravery” written all over him. As he spoke to us about the experience he had journeyed through, we did receive frequent goosebumps and hairs standing at the back of our necks but, we eventually got used to it, as talking about bruises, cuts and blood oozing out, turned out to be one of the recurrent topics throughout the whole presentation. Undoubtedly, this is a physical and mind game. The rigorous training done before is only a fraction of what was to be taken on at Mount Everest however, this still takes ample commitment. What we all had learnt from that talk would be, “if there’s no pain, then, there’s no gain.” He proved to us that giving up is going to leave us with an unsatisfied life and that pursuing your dreams until it’s achieved is the key to a gratified soul.

This is a heads up to all the mountains out there, watch out for Mr. Johann because you are most definitely his next victim. He is ready to conquer you too!