By Sabeeha Thanzil Ramieze

It brought to all Sri Lankans a jubilant moment when, once again the Sri Lankan flag received its fulfillment to twirl in the numbing air of the Himalayas. The flag had reached the apex of one of the most back-breaking mountains, purely due to the sheer grit constructed within Mr. Johann Peiris.

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The Sri Lankan & Bangladeshi Ministries of Education Visit LPF Academy

The Sri Lankan Western Province Director for Primary Education from the Sri Lanka Ministry Of Education, accompanied by 3 other officials, graced us with their presence on the 21stofJune,2018. This special visit was in view of them accommodating the Bangladeshi Ministry of Education’s request to give an overview to their team on special needs and inclusive educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

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Ananta Sustainables was founded by its current CEO, Ms Savera Weerasinghe, stemmig from her passion for the environment.

Ananta have identified the fact that there are currently a number of companies that have the intention of going sustainable and decided to meet this demand given their favourable position and commitment towards sustainablity of the environment. The company sources and manufactures customised paper packaging, paper straws and cups, bagasse takeway containers, kolpath plates and cups as well as wooden cutlery with a goal to replace all single use plastics.

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