By Sabeeha Thanzil Ramieze

It brought to all Sri Lankans a jubilant moment when, once again the Sri Lankan flag received its fulfillment to twirl in the numbing air of the Himalayas. The flag had reached the apex of one of the most back-breaking mountains, purely due to the sheer grit constructed within Mr. Johann Peiris.

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Ms. Yasmine Perera, Consultant National Institute of Social conducted an engaging and educating program on how humans pollute the environment and how each person can change their lifestyles to be more environmentally friendly.

The students learned how to adapt to a plastic-bag-free lifestyle, the 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose), and each contributed a paper leaf or fruit to the tree of gratitude, after a moment of thankfulness to Mother Nature.

Two programs were held separately for the junior and senior students.


LPF Schools collected water bottles an dry rations from the children as a contribution towards the flood relief.

Students of Abdul Kalam Community visited Kalutara and personally distributed these items to homes of the support staff and families known to our faculty who were affected by the floods. This was done in true LPF care and concerns.

Thank You Parents and Children for your Kindness.

How We Are Saving the Environment…..

How We Are Saving the Environment One Plant at a Time!

By Sehanya, Sithu, Amaya and Ammu


One sunny morning we were in Miss Fazrin’s class.  We were learning about rainforests.  Miss Fazrin told us that the rainforests were being chopped down.  So I (Amaya) thought of an idea to start a club.  But I was scared that everybody would make fun of me because they throw litter all over the ground at the school.  At that time I had just two friends.  So I went and told them about my idea.  They were so excited that my one friend – Ammu – jumped up and down.  So we thought of forming the club together.  We waited for our friend Sithu to come back from the USA so that we could gather up and think about what we could do together.  We needed to form a name for the club.  After we got together we talked about our ideas.

 ~ Amaya

 After talking for a while we came up with the name “The Guardians of the Environment.”  Since Amaya came up with the idea to start the club and she told Ammu and me (Sehanya), we started coming up with names.  Suddenly Amaya came up with “Guardians” and then Ammu came up with “Environment.”  Then I put it all together to form “The Guardians of the Environment.”

 ~ Sehanya

The first plant that we planted was ginger and then we saw aloe vera in Aunty Bernie’s garden so we took some of it and planted it at the school.  Then one day Sehanya’s father came and took us to a shop where they sell plants.  The shop was in Nugegoda.  Actually the shop didn’t look like a shop, it looked like a house in a village.  We bought more plants there.  Then we planted them at the school.  We also made signs to not step on the plants.

 ~ Ammu

On an early morning in Miss Fazrin’s class a small group of us – Amaya, Sithu, Sehanya and Ammu – went down to the garden to water the plants.  There we saw that the ginger was ready to be harvested and soon after we harvested it.  We showed the ginger to Aunty Bernie.  She told us that we could use it to make ginger tea for the next parent’s meeting, which is what we did! After we made ginger tea we passed it out to the parents who enjoyed it.  And after a while we realized that it was all sold out.  We didn’t even have a sip ourselves.  But we earned Rs. 5000, which is quite a lot.

 When Aunty Bernie’s birthday came we gave her bay leaves and cinnamon as a gift.

 ~ Sithu

We have many ideas that we want to do in the future.  Miss Shamini is going to donate more plants like gotukula, which we will plant.  We want to plant more plants like lime, beans, karapinche and herbs in the garden.  We will make a sign that says, “Do Not Step on the Plants” with a footprint on it.

Then we are also planning a trip to Hiraya rainforest and we will sleep in the dormitory, which will be a lot of fun.  Then we would like to make more ginger tea and other things with the plants in the garden and sell them.

We want to save the environment and show the world why littering is bad.

Soon we will met up at Sithu’s house and have a team swim.

Our ambition is to save the world and stop people from destroying animals’ habitats!

~ Amaya, Sithu, Sehanya and Ammu

The four girls – Amaya, Sithu, Sehanya and Ammu wrote their story themselves.  After that, they all took turns taking photos of their great achievement!  They strive to make the world a better place for everyone by taking better care of the environment.  Watch out world, here they come!

Below are some of the photos that they girls took of their garden…

The Girls Showing Off Their Ginger Plant